After pulling a gigantic four-way with the last generation of devices (T-Mobile MDA, Cingular 8125, XV6700 and PPC6700) on all four major carriers, HTC's somewhat disappointed users this generation by only giving the TyTN to Cingular in the form of the 8525. Well good news for Verizon and Sprint users, as the next generation CDMA-enabled HTC Titan has just been approved by the FCC.

The Titan will have EV-DO Revision A, Bluetooth, 2-megapixel camera, right-sliding body, and the notification lights for caps and function. Only an evolutionary increase over the 8525, but a welcome one for CDMA users who have been stuck with the last generation for a while now.

FCC [via Engadget Mobile via Phone Arena via Uber Gizmo]