Our first encounter with the Canon PowerShot TX-1 was a jaw-dropping experience, when we realized exactly how small this itsy-bitsy HD video and 7.1 megapixel shooter really is. It's truly tiny, about the size of the deck of cards, and essentially has similar dimensions to Canon's previous generation of Digital Elph cameras.

It's almost too tiny, and with its foldout viewscreen giving you a 16:9 look at whatever it is you're shooting, it's hard to tell what's going on. Even so, it's a substantial-feeling camera, and gives the impression of a precision piece of engineering. We shot some 720p footage with this little sucker, and will attempt to manipulate and edit it later on our Vegas adventure.


But for now, our feelings about this diminutive bauble are overwhelmingly positive, and were highly impressed with the Canon PowerShot TX-1 after a lengthy session of shooting with it and generally getting a feel for its capabilities.