We warned you that the PMA coverage was coming soon, and wouldn't you know it's here. We've got things like Sony's CyberShot DSC-G1; which mixes together 2GB of internal storage, a Wi-Fi card, and a sweet image search ability, all into a nice little package. There's a hands-on with the insanely microscopic Canon Powershot TX-1 HD Camcorder/7.1MP camera. And for you power-hungry shutterbugs, Charlie White tries out the 10fps Canon EOS-1d Mark III.

Now onto our non-PMA coverage. We got word that the next generation of Intel mobile chips are coming in May, and they will include HSDPA. LG is jumping into the world of Hybrid laptops, the R400 will sport a regular hard drive as well as boot drive made from non-volatile flash-based cache. And Apple looks to have filed yet another patent, this time they want to make networking even easier with RFID.