GE finally decided to get in on this whole "digital imaging" thing that the kids are all talking about, and bring out a whole line of consumer point-and-shoots. First announced last month, the cameras all have the whiz-bang features that one would expect, like image stabilization, face recognition, up to 12MP sensors and big bright LCDs on the back. The shocking thing about them is that they don't seem to really bring anything new to the table, besides the GE logo. They aren't really fast on the bootup; they're not bulky, but they're not the smallest cameras in the world, either.

What is the point of entering an already-saturated market with a product that fails to astound or even impress? Unless those image sensors are doing something really special, GE will have to work hard to sell these. Oh, and they had a little lunchbox-style 4x6 printer, which also seems adequate. The only word on pricing they'd give us is they'll be "competitive." See cams and printer, with specs for each, in the gallery below.