HP's Executive VP of Imaging and Printing Vyomesh Joshi (pictured above) actually made a bit of news at PMA 07 in the midst of his flurry of desperate-sounding guff and cheerleading about getting people to print more pictures so the company could continue earning astronomical profits by price gouging the public with its worth-its-weight-in-gold printer ink.

He announced DreamColor, an open standard for bringing color control and consistency across the entire digital imaging industry. At first it will be applied to HP printers, of course, but HP hopes the DreamColor logo (see it in the pic above?) will festoon any electronic device or software that has anything to do with color, bringing a consistent color standard to every device, both professional and consumer. Then they can all get along, working together in peace and harmony. But wait, there's more. Hollywood celebrities got in on the act, too.

HP trotted out DreamWorks Animation SKG co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg (pictured above, he's the "K" in the SKG) to endorse the technology. Katzenberg's certainly one who has invested a lot of time and effort into consistent color at his studio with its a string of animation hits. The company worked with HP to develop the DreamColor technology.


Said Katzenberg, "HP, with its DreamColor, has managed to create something remarkable for the marketplace." Get it? DreamWorks, DreamColor? Oprah/Uma? A consistent color standard across the entire industry? Great idea. Stop the presses. Could Utopia be around the corner?