When working with off-camera flash, there are several ways to do it, but RF is the most versitile and long range. For years now, PocketWizards have been the de-facto industry standard and that probably won't change. Great as they are, they're kinda pricey. That's where the Elinchrom EL-Skyport system shines: the price is right. Though not compatible with the PocketWizard system, it's cheaper and has some extra capabilities.

There are 4 products in the line, 2 types of transmitters and 2 types of receivers. The basic transmitter unit attaches to the hotshoe of any camera. The USB transmitter hooks to a computer and when paired with the software (Mac/PC), it allows for some additional control of lights and even allows saving of light setups.

Check out the gallery for details, and jump for more info.

The universal receiver uses a rechargeable Li-Ion Nokia phone battery and triggers via standard sync cord while the RX receiver allows remote adjustment of the power output and modeling lights of compatible Elinchrome RX series strobes.


Pricing hasn't been set yet, as these are still undergoing FCC approval testing for US sale, but a receiver/transmitter kit should sell for less than a single PocketWizard. Look for them Q2 2007.

Here's the good stuff:
2.4ghz RF, 8 channels, 40bit security
Syncs at up to 1/1000
165ft indoor range and 395ft outdoor range
4 workgroups for different control options

Product Page [Elinchrom]