When we saw this solid block of ice at the Olympus booth, we simply couldn't walk by, and we reached out and touched it just to make sure it was real. Hey, wait a minute, are those real cameras frozen inside there? Sure enough, a couple of Olympus Stylus 770SW digital point-and-shooters were temporarily entombed in that huge block of ice, implying that not only are they shockproof and waterproof (to 33 feet deep) but they're also freeze-proof. What an entertaining demo!

This 770SW is one tough customer, but its compact size still allows for 2.5-inch color viewfinder. It's a 7.1-megapixel shooter with a 3x zoom, and feels incredibly solid. That viewscreen is tack-sharp, too. All this toughness isn't cheap, though—the camera will set you back $380. Neat stuff, and worth it. Take a look at the hands-on gallery for some close-up peeks.

Product Page [Olympus]