It was an annoyance when our PII system went obsolete, but there are far more frightening possibilities in this when being a well-adjusted pyromaniac gets you frowned upon, and throwing diesel into BBQ pits is the social equivalent to wearing floods while orating antiquated phrases such as, "There is no electricity in this outhouse for my ceiling fan."

Such a scenario is exactly why the Hono 24000 LED candles by METAPHYS Lighting scare us. No longer will children face a quite literal trial by fire to have their birthday wishes granted, but instead they will merely blow on this flickering LED—without even the consequence of inhaling the short wisp of smoke clearly planted in extinguished birthday candles by the tobacco industry.


Luckily, the Hono 24000's $85 per candle pricetag will keep these dangers to culture out of children's hands just a little bit longer.

Product Page [via technabob]