Rather than focusing on kicking all the european RIAA-equivalents' butt, the useless European Union bureaucrats continue to spend money on pointless stuff, like pressuring Apple to open the iTunes Music Store's DRM system. At least according to EU Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, who thinks that "something has to change".

"Do you think it's fine that a CD plays in all CD players but that an iTunes song only plays in an iPod? I don't. Something has to change"

Yes, something has to change, Meglena. Apart from your gigantic salary and wild EU expenses, you also need to get a clue and discover that 1) iTunes songs account for less than 3% of iPod owners music and 2) you can actually copy iTunes Music Store songs to other players and computers using plain CD burning or software available on the web. Maybe then you will do something worthy and hunt the big labels instead.

EU's consumer chief takes aim at Apple over iTunes [Reuters]