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Seeing as we work at home, being able to type on the couch and in bed is as important as a stable net connection. The LapDawg, an adjustable wooden stand for beds and couches, fits our needs fairly well. As you can see above (I figured you'd rather see a female model than myself) the LapDawg restricts your movement when in use.

The stand itself consists of easy-to-assemble leg pieces and a big wooden tray that holds the laptop. The legs are adjustable by way of a twist-screw and can be set at anywhere between 5 and 90 degrees.


After using it for a week (and using it to type up this review) we're definitely sold on the idea.

Although you could definitely use the LapDawg on your desk as a stand, that's not its main purpose. The primary idea is to tilt your laptop while you're lying or sitting so that you can both type and see easier than if it were on your lap. Plus, with the wooden stand, a hot laptop no longer means a lowered sperm count.

When we were lying on the bed, the wide legs provided ample room for our own legs to go. The 45-degree angle we set it at made it easy to both type and see the screen. Our only complaint was having to put a magazine under our MacBook Pro because it didn't rise high enough on the stand. The laptop holder at the bottom jammed our wrists otherwise.


As for using it the couch, you'd probably want to set the angle a bit shallower than 45 degrees, but it still retains much of its usefulness. However, if you transition regularly from bed to desk and need to adjust the angle accordingly, you may find the twist-screws on the LapDawg a bit clumsy. Better to set it once than have to change it all the time.

Unless you also enjoy working from bed or in some other prone position, the $79.99 + $20 may be a bit steep. But if you do, the wooden finish and secure legs makes the LapDawg quite useful.

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