Intel has just released a flash NAND drive following the steps of Samsung, SanDisk and TDK, but in a very lame, half-assed way. Rather than implementing a fast hard drive using a Serial, Ultra or even plain ATA interface, Intel has chosen to build it around, you guessed it, USB 2.0.

So forget about dropping it in your laptop any time soon, although given the specs, I wouldn't even want this in my mother-in-law MacBook: Intel says that their 8 Gbytes Z-U130 is going to reach 20 Mbytes per second transfer rates, whereas the competition is offering already 32 GBytes at 62 Mbytes per second. It just doesn't get sadder than that, really. Hopefuly, Apple won't be using them for their rumored sub-notebook.

Intel Reveals Solid State Flash Drives [Daily Tech via Xinhua Online]