Verizon is getting all mysterious on us, buzz marketing its upcoming FiOS Fone, which it calls "the phone that pretty much does it all." From the cryptic description, looks like we're dealing with a videophone, desktop organizer and multimedia player that can also handle a contact list, voicemail, calendar and personal memos. And check out that handset on the left, which appears to be removable.

When will we get this sexy phone, and when is FiOS coming to your area? And, what's that in the screen on the FiOS phone? A shapely butt underneath a diaphanous gown, or a pair of ripe breasts, or are we just seeing things? Your questions answered, after the jump.


The FiOS Fone will be hooked up to a major-league fiber optic broadband network. If you're not familiar with Verizon FiOS, it stands for Fiber Optic Service (or it's an Irish word for for "knowledge," depending on how much green beer you've drunk), bringing sweet fiber optic broadband pipes to your premises, promising to bring boatloads of data to you, lickety-split.

FiOS will finally bring some stiff competition to the doorstep of those moronic cable companies, rocking cable TV, broadband Internet access and VoIP telephone service—otherwise known as triple play—at speeds of 50Mbps downstream and 5Mbps upstream in some markets. It's rolling out slowly, available in a few dozen cities so far. That's right, Verizon might just be the new moronic cable company in your city.


The best news is, that kind of network speed will be able to do justice to a videophone/multimedia player/personal organizer. We just want to know what the price will be, when it will be available, and more details about that screen, which the company says "is going to knock our socks off." Our socks are on pretty tight, so that's going to take a lot.

FiOS Fone, coming soon? Our interest is piqued. Not only about the phone, but we're still wondering what's up with that butt in the pic above.

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