CeBit, the largest consumer electronics show in the world, starts up on Thursday, and it's gotten to be a favorite time for disc manufacturers to roll out 32GB 2.5-inch solid-state drives. Samsung announced its 2.5-inch 32-gig drive last year at the show, and now SanDisk is getting in on the act, with the big news being its $350 price.

Seems like just yesterday SanDisk rolled out its $600 1.8-inch 32GB SSD (it was in early January), but this 2.5-inch form factor is significant because it fits right in where more of those spinning hard drives have been firmly ensconced for the past few years. It's a drop-in replacement Serial ATA (SATA) drive, and at these prices, it looks like the revolution moving away from moving parts is well underway.

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