When I think of PC World, I think of them as solid, if not a little pale, lab rats of computer review. Harry McCracken, Editor, blogs about his German counterparts, at PC Welt. As you can tell from this pet project $26k PC of theirs, the Höllenmaschine II, PC Welt is a little bit more about metal, S&M, and Hasselhoff. The "Machine from Hell...Part Two", includes top line parts, 4.3 TB of HDD, and a $1k Porsche paint job, and $2500 in watercooling. (What, no phase change?)

It also features Triple Quad to operate Quad CPU, Quad Core, Quad Graphics and even 24 drives simultaneously.

I just want to understand how they spent that much loot and ended up with a mere 24-inch monitor. Oh, I see, they went with a RAID setup using a few 15k RPM Cheetahs SCSI Drives instead of SATA. Owie, that'll cost ya.


The rest of the machine, from its Xeons, Dual Verto Geforce 8800 GTX GPUs, and CPUs are after the jump, if you must know. Did I mention they're giving it all away?

CPU: Two 2.67-GHz quad-core Xeons (meant for servers)

MOTHERBOARD: A Tyan Tempest i5000XL workstation model

RAM: 4GB of fully-buffered, dual-channel Corsair DIMMs

GRAPHICS: Two PNY Verto Geforce 8800 GTX cards, each based on the DirectX 10-supporting Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX GPU

HARD DISK: Nine (!) drives, with a total of 4.3 terabytes (!!) of space

Höllenmaschine II [PCWorld Blog]