Click to viewThese TIE Fighter speakers are from Question Mark Entertainment Nikko Home Electronics, and we have no idea what sort of drivers are in these two, dare we say, satellite speakers and their accompanying subwoofer, but if looks could kill, our Death Star would be completely exploding just about now.

Hit up the gallery below for a few more views of these speakers that look realistic enough to have some tiny bad guys inside, but looks aren't everything—let's hope they sound good enough so we won't want to immediately shoot them down. Jump for more about these speakers and other Star Wars products from Nikko.

We've seen products from Nikko Home Electronics before, namely its Motion Speaker with its kooky disco lighting and motion-sensitive volume control.

Nikko is no stranger to Star Wars gear, either, introducing its R2D2 Skype Webcam and the R2D2 DVD Projector at CES in January.

These TIE Fighter speakers are just out of the prototype stage, and will be rolled out at CeBIT, the big consumer electronics confab in Hannover, Germany that starts tomorrow.

Manufacturer's Site [Question Mark Entertainment]