We didn't realize Hammacher Schlemmer was in the car business, but look at this monstrosity: a semi-globular arrangement that looks like a transmogrified banana or maybe Pacman with a boner. If you can get past its dog-ugly countenance, it's actually a highway-legal three wheeler that might be useful for trips around town if you don't mind being laughed at.

Since it just goes just 30 miles on a charge, don't be thinking about taking any extended road trips with this 33hp motorcycle-like contraption, but it has a top speed of 70mph so you could probably head out on the highway for a short trip or two if you're able to muster up enough courage. Plug it into a 110-volt outlet and it takes six hours to charge, but connect it to 220 volts and it takes only an hour to juice it up.


Pricing, an even uglier pic that'll make you laugh out loud, and an alternative suggestion, coming up:

Ha ha ha! If you really can't stand that banana color, you can choose from a long list of other colors, too, including red, teal, orange, blue, purple, magenta, white, coral, dark aqua, green, lime green, lilac and aqua. Maybe just paint a clown face on the thing for even more fugly impact.


But now the shocker: this 1600-pound ugly duckling costs—wait for it—$24,899.95. Save your money; there are much better electric trykes on the way.

The Electric One-Person Car [Hammacher Schlemmer]