Got a need for some extra storage space? Dell and Alienware just added the option for you to slap a 1 terabyte drive in one of their XPS, Area 51, or Aurora towers. That's a hell of a lot of space, although whether or not it's smarter to spread your storage out over multiple drives with less capacity or to consolidate everything into one gigantic drive is up for debate. It looks like getting the 1TB bragging rights will cost you $320 more than a 500GB drive, but it's only $20 more than having a 1TB RAID with 2 500GB drives.

Man, 1TB drives… it feels like some sort of milestone, doesn't it? I remember back in the day when I had a 1GB drive and I had to delete an MP3 if I wanted to download a new one. That sucked.


Dell and Alienware Bring World's First Terabyte Hard Drive Computer to Consumers [Dell]