Yes, and the PS3 is going to make a big impact. According to that chart, from the Folding at Home by OS stats:

1 Gigaflop per PC

3 Gigaflops per Intel Mac

30 Gigaflops of Folding Power per PS3

On average, of course. A researcher I spoke to said that the basis for the 30x folding power, a very math intense process, is a $1000 PC you'd buy today. Impressive. Since the Tflop rating is the capable power, measured by units per time, the 826 PS3s doing Folding in beta are already doing 1/6 the processing of all the active Folding PCs out there, over 155k of them. Good job Sony!


Just imagine what'll happen to the folding project once the app goes public, and 2 million PS3 users get involved. Do it!

Mock Prediction: Ps3 will cure Alzheimer's faster than you can get all the special weapons in Final Fantasy XII. - B.L.

PS3 Folding at Home [Gizmodo]