Here's the latest, sleekest Dyson ever, which landed in Giz HQ ("The Dump of Cardboard Boxes and Gadgets") early this morning. The coolest thing, aside from thes new form factor and all that clear/neon plastic detailing all Dysons have, is the flexible foot ball wheel, not found before in a slim vac, and a extension hose that pulls up and out from the standup's handle.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm hot for a vacuum cleaner. Does it work? The good news, is yes. It lacks the guttural howl of the standard Dyson, but whirs along just fine. Think of it as a V8 vs a turbo charged 4-banger in some light rally car. That's the good news.

The bad news is that my apartment is gross. Click through for an icky picture of what one minute of vacuuming picked up off what I thought was a clean floor. (And hit the gallery for a component by component tour.)

I'm not one to say if a vacuum like this is worth $450, but I wouldn't throw the svelte Slim out of my hall closet.

Dyson [Gizmodo]