With all this talk of late about downloading video, some of it is so effortless that it's hard to resist. Case in point, here's a freebie if you're interested in costume drama, history and 16-century British monarchs: You can get the first two episodes of The Tudors, a series that will premiere on April 1 on Showtime, free online by just going here and typing in this password: king.

Too bad you can't pop that flash-based video full screen, but the quality looks excellent nonetheless. Plus, it's hard to complain about free stuff. Of course, now that we've told you about this special VIP offer, the site may be flooded with curious onlookers and perhaps be shut down, so you might want to take a look at this sooner than later.

Free Stuff: Watch The First 2 Episodes of "The Tudors" Online [The Consumerist]