Technovision is showing off their 205-inch LCD LED HDTV at CeBit, that makes the formerly buff Sharp 108-inch LCD feel downright pathetic. That's enough space to park two mini coopers on, side by side. Wait...TechnovisionWho?

[UPDATED: Aha! It's an array of LEDs, not an LCD]

The Italian company, in operation since 1987, specializes in displays for outdoor areas. Ohhh. So this is like a jumbotron. Except for inside, and HD. I refuse to believe that these are single pieces of glass. Likely they're comprised of a few panels joined together like some of the "big" TVs we saw at CES.


Regardless, that much glass — over 15 feet by 8 feet — forming a single picture, is rad.

They unveiled them at a yacht show in February, so you can imagine the market they're aiming for. We've no idea if these will ship soon, or in the US. But that doesn't matter. You can't afford this TV.

Luxio [via Techdigest]