When it comes to watching movies, nothing beats sitting in front of a large HDTV. The catch is, not all of us can afford one. That's where video headsets come in. Devices like Olympus' now defunct EyeTrek that promise panorama-like viewing experiences from a pair of goggles. The problem is they all suck. Headplay says they're working on an HD unit, but watching flicks on the current model has been likened to watching movies on a ViewMaster.

So here's what I'd like to see in my ideal headset...

1)It's gotta be HD. None of this 800x600 pixels talk.

2)It should be comfortable to wear. If I'm gonna watch a 2-hour movie on this thing, it's gotta be light enough so that it won't leave red marks all over the bridge of my nose when I take the glasses off.


3)Ideally, it should look stylish. If I'm using this while on a plane, the last thing I want is a giant goggle box sitting on my face.

4)Minimum cord tangle. Wireless would be best of course, but as long as any wires/cables are kept to a minimum, I wouldn't mind.

5)Built-in controls. Maybe have visual or volume controls on the head piece itself, or a small remote so that you don't have to fumble around the glasses to adjust any settings while watching a movie.


Hit those five and I'll be happy. Any one out there have any other gripes/recommendations toward these video headsets?