If you've paid attention to my sources for posts, you'd probably notice I'm fairly heavy on the NYT—I more or less read it every day, usually with the NYT Reader. Up until March 27, on top of being the best way to read it, it's also been a free way to do so.

While $15 a month is a bargain, especially compared to home delivery at $40 a month, I'm cheap enough that even a reading experience superior to both the print and (free) web editions (to say nothing of the lame PDF version) isn't worth it. Moreover, Times Select is now free to students (not that I cared, I just stopped reading everything behind it) so there's even less incentive to pay.


There's 9 days left to check it out—if you read the NYT, you won't go back to any other way. At least until you have to pay for it.

Product Page [NYT]