Just testing. I know it's oblong, but it's Monday morning and I want to see if you've all recovered from St. Patrick's Day. Anyway, enough about my weekend, here's the week's first gizmo. Samsung has teamed up with Danish designmeisters Bang & Olufsen to create their new Bluetooth headset, the WEP 420. And it looks good (although personally I think there's something a bit ho-bot about Bluetooth earpieces). All buttons are hidden behind the sliding cover, which itself blocks static to give you better sound quality.

If you're wondering what the big thing at the back is - I certainly was - it's a charger cradle, which apparently "may be used as an interior decoration item." No, Samsung, it may NOT. The WEP 420 is out later this month, but for how many greenbacks they don't say.

Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP420 [New Launches]