Here's the perfect tool for those all-night conversations, the perCushion ( yeah, we thought it was pincushion, too), a cotton velvet pillow with a Bluetooth transceiver inside. Just place your cellphone within 30 feet and you can engage in a little pillow talk with your significant other. Or, think of it this way: You could be jangled awake from your satisfying slumber by some annoying telemarketer, or even your boss.

The next morning, recharge its lithium ion battery for another night of never being detached from your cellphone for one second, 24/7. What, are you nuts? Is there really that much to talk about? It's your choice. Fantasize about an all-nighter with the comely young lass below; check her out in the gallery.

The Handsfree Bluetooth Pillow Phone [Coolest Gadgets]