I'm finally back from Spring break! I know you missed my intern powers while I was gone, but now I'm back fully charged (aside from a what seems to be a permanent hangover).


And it looks like I got back just in time, because the gadget world is going crazy.

Phillips has finally gone off the deep end with their Magic Video Ball. It's one part Magic 8-ball and one part media player. Just give it a shake, and up comes a new video.

Now who thought it was a good idea to give K-Fed his own search engine? He might be saner than Britney, but that's not saying much.

A modder took the nice simple design features of the Wii, and chromed it all to Hell.

And some guy who apparently hates water, but loves movies turned his swimming pool into a home theater.

It was fun being gadget free for a week, but it's good to be back.