Hello, I am a PC. Really, I am. I mean, if I were a Mac, I would probably be a New York cheesecake. With a T-shirt. Or a black turtleneck. Actually, this... thing is one of the entries for the PC case-mod contest celebrated at the World Cyber Games event, in CeBIT 2007.

Weird stuff there, from the "Twins" (two computers that glow in colors thanks to cycling LEDs) to the "Blockenblick" (a retrofitted old tube TV which seems to also have a built-in DVD). There's also a Bosch refrigerator and your usual military gear. My favorite is the one made out of a Netzregler power converter, but check the galleries for the rest of the entries and pick yours in the comments. Even if only to burn it before the others.

Case contest - CeBIT meeting place (in japanese) [PC Watch Japan]