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"That's not exactly what I had in mind when you said, 'Let me introduce you to the twins'..."—synaesthetique

Still bitching about games being $60? Forbes has a breakdown of why your videogames cost what they do, even if a DVD only costs a couple cents. Complete with a handy-dandy pie chart.


IBM & Cisco are partnering up to create a new crisis management service. Where they will strap enough tech to your emergency vehicles to create a portable command center.

Find out what Yahoo! & LG are up to after the jump.

Yahoo! is showing Google its mobile claws with their new OneSearch service. Basically the ex–search engine king is trying to reestablish their dominance in the industry, even if it means switching to mobile.


Oh, and just in case you've got some non-HDTV's still lying around, it looks like those digital-to-analog converters that will keep your TV running after the big switch in 2009 will cost $60. Well, at least the ones from LG will.