When Sony announced its joint venture with NEC over a year ago (resulting in a company called Optiarc), the company said it would be creating Blu-ray and DVD drives, and may produce HD DVD drives. CeBIT was another story, where the company rolled out no less than five Blu-ray burners at the big euro-show. Will the company also offer HD DVD burners, or, heaven forbid, combo devices that can handle both HD DVD and Blu-ray? Maybe.

Topping the quintet of drives is the BD-M100A (pictured above), a 2x Blu-ray writer for desktops that can also burn single- and dual-layer DVDs. Optiarc also rolled out the BD5500A, 5500S, 5600S, and 5710S, all with the same specs (see the gallery for a full spec list) except for their laptop-sized form factor and serial ATA connectivity on the models ending with "S". Details on all these drives were murky, but pricing is said to start at 599 Euros, or $796, and they'll be available in July.

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