Mossberg and Katie like the Apple TV. The PC-to-Livingroom streamer works flawlessly using even lower end computers and networks. Everything else you already know from all the coverage of Apple TV since September's Showtime event (when it was called iTV) and January's Macworld.

What's amazing is that Mossy and Katie got the Apple TV 10 days before any other press. A score even for the Godfather of Gadgets. To dedicated Apple trade press that won't get one for another few days, reading his cavalier mention of it in the review, must feel like a spear to the heart, with a fuck you on top. The 10-day lead makes me wonder if the entire shipment of Apple TV was put on hold until Mossberg's review was up. Don't laugh, it's possible—and it makes sense with reliable sources that reported Apple's briefings with NY journalists were put off for a week, at the last minute.

Ten days is enough time for a review, but also enough time to build this video review, which happens to be the medium Walt has been focusing on lately.

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It's hard to believe the WSJ is putting out material so homegrown. It's shot against a window, lit by fluorescents or some other light source that made Mossy and Kate's skin pale green. (Fact Check: They're not martians, they're very nice people in the shade of pink, so it's the lighting.) The veteran journo has been pushing hard into the video space, and his efforts are improving. But the New York Times' Pogue, Mossberg's rival (at least by publication), with his video crew and entertainment background, would never make such basic errors. If video becomes even bigger, Pogue will have the lead, especially with the YouTube masses. But that's not today. Today we're still waiting for Pogue's Apple TV review.

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