Paranoid? Want to be Michael Knight (let's face it, who doesn't want to be David Hasselhoff, who singlehandedly brought down the Berlin Wall and introduced us Pamela Anderson?) and have between $625 and $1279 to spare? As well as tracking your vehicle, Inilex's Kepler system is a wireless gizmo you place in your car's data bus. It enables you to lock and unlock the car via either your phone or the Internet, as well as contain it within a certain area, so that you receive a text message if your Hyundai goes walkies.

There are lots of benefits for this system - I can imagine authoritarian dads taking full advantage of it. Daughter shagging a guy you don't approve of? The Kesler will tell you if she's using the car to sneak over to his crib. Your boy back on the the crystal meth? Make the local crackdens a no-go area. Now, why didn't they think of that for the product video which, quite frankly, makes Baywatch look like Tennessee Williams. It's after the jump, along with a software screenshot.

Product Page [Inilex via Autoblog via The Register]