If any of you have ever thought that speed is of the essence when watching your clothes go round, then this product is for you. Mitsubishi Electric claim to have brought out the world's fastest washer-dryer whose moving drum changes angles automatically according to how much dirty laundry you fill it with, and the type of wash you want. Up to 20lb of clothes can be washed within 35 mins, and just over 13lb dried in a little over two hours.

But why would you want to claim the world's fastest washing machine? I can see why it might be useful for B&Bs or people with 87 children, but it's like boasting about having the world's cleanest car. And as far as my limited experience as a domestic goddess goes (dirty clothes? wear 'em in the shower) I don't think that 35 mins for a wash and 2 hours for a dry is particularly Bugatti-tastic.

Speedster of a Washing Machine [UberGizmo]