No matter how fast your new 802.11n router is, if it can't reach your anti-WMD bunker, it is not good enough. Using the new Buffalo PL-HDP-L1/S, however, you will create a HD-PLC home network that will reach everywhere using your current electrical installation.

You just need to connect the master to your DSL and a power outlet, then connect the receivers and that's it, instant Ethernet-over-electric-wires. At a maximum 190 Mbps, the system can't beat the 520 Mbps of the lastest Wi-Fi but it can wipe out 802.11g and cover the whole house. Even my tin-foil insulated basement; if I lived in Japan, that's it, where you would be able to get the base unit plus a receiver for $178 in april, and $115 more per extra receiver. Hopefully, Buffalo will distribute it in other parts of the world too.


Product page (in japanese) [Buffalo Tech via PC Watch]