A cross between a trike and a gyrocopter, this concept vehicle from PAL-V does both land and air. With a top speed of 125mph on land, and 120mph up in the air, speed demons and gadget freaks will go crazy for what its creators are touting as the future of travel.

The helicoptor rotor blades fold up onto the roof when they are not in use, and to fly, the trike's back end morphs into a u-shaped tail with a prop. Tilting technology will help you take the bends in the road without ending up ass over tit.


Whether the trike's creators will launch it in 2009 remains to be seen. However, it could conceivably make an appearance in the next James Bond movie, although I doubt it will top Sean Connery's tux-and-jet-pack exit in Thunderball.

Product Page [PAL-V via Sci-Fi Tech]