Here's a mystery this morning, pictures and a video that landed in our tip box of what is said to be a million-dollar laptop. It's quite beautiful indeed in its pink and black colors, but we're scratching our heads and wondering what makes it worth $1 million. A visit to the Luvaglio London website offers no clues; it turns us away with a "by appointment only" sign, and this haughty inscription:

"We've created our own path—our creations, our designs, our attention to detail... are like nothing you've experienced before... We're not interested in 'mass production' or designing 'entry level products'—we leave that to others... We guarantee that everything we do will exceed expectations... We create and hand make the very best..."

We've heard of high-falutin' executives estimating their laptops to be worth $1 million because of the data within, but we haven't heard of a laptop itself being worth that much. What the heck is this thing made of? Solid gold would be too damn heavy and not expensive enough. Is it that fancy motorized box that's so pricey? Let's solve this mystery together.

Thanks, Victor!