For a company that denies it has a cellphone in the works, Google certainly is sniffing around the cellphone space an awful lot. And now another info nugget surfaces, showing that Google has filed a patent application for what's called an Overloaded Communication Session, which essentially uses more than one connection to return search results faster. Sounds like something Google would do.

Google's not dabbling in cellphones? Really? Let's add up a few clues here:

Of course, Google might use this Overloaded Communication Session technology on cellphones other than its own, but add this to the other scuttlebutt we're hearing such as how a Google phone might be Blackberry-like and run on multiple carriers, and how such a phone might be able to predict searches, and we can only guess that there must be something in the works.

If not hardware, then certainly lots of cool software must be in the offing. Either that or we're in a vast echo chamber and this is all bullshit.


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