Most of us have reached a turning point. That point is, if you hear anything else about Apple TV you're going to vomit. Don't hold it back, or it's going to come out your nose.

But maybe you're of the mind to actually buy one, and need to do some hard research. If so, bookmark this post that our sexy librarian friend put together for us: Here's a list of the best Apple TV stories on Giz and beyond from the two weeks since Mossberg launched review number 1.


First, Giz. We've covered the bajeezus out of AppleTV. Here's the first unboxing, some surprises upon grope, a couple of pet peeves, the first setup video, a head to head with Microsoft's Media Center and XBox 360. (And unnaturally, Apple TV versus Tivo Series 3.)And a cable buying guide, as well as the mega gallery of hardware and screenshots. Shoot, I almost forgot our review. Verdict: Good, but not going in the Pants...Although we'd consider this one licked by her Munness.

Of course, Giz aside, there's a whole lot of good Apple TV coverage out there. From blogs, to Mac sites, to PC rags, to the daily papers, here is the best of what our others have been saying about Apple TV.


Mossy's Review at the WSJ: We have to start with Sir Mossberg and sidekick Katie B's 10-day scoop on the AppleTV. I even fantasize that the entire ship date was pushed back so he'd have time to check out the hardware and do a review. The power! His video is average, but the review itself is classic Mossberg: Authoritative, fair, and in language your mom could understand.

The NYTimes and Pogue were 24-hours late, but his charming video, and comparisons to both Netgear's HD capable, complex streamer, and the XBox ecosystem make it worthwhile. Did he have early access? Or did he put the review and video together in 24 hours?


CNet: Their review was detailed, and long, but my favorite piece of CNet coverage came from this extended list of every conceivable Apple TV competitor and alternative. And John "Sheriff" Falcone did it before the Apple TV even launched. Interestingly, they posted it under their Crave, not CNet brand.

Jimmy L's pub, PC Magazine, has the deepest review yet, spanning several thousand words that I find no more appealing to read than a college textbook. But if you want the ultimate in authority and depth, no go further than this review.


Wait. Then there's this Ars review.

iLounge: LC Angell and gang are Apple Journo vets. That shows through in these two nice articles, in top 10 form, listing geek factoids and reasons why you don't need an AppleTV. Concise, and topped with a nice Live Sizemodo-ish Gallery of AppleTV with an iPod and Mac Mini. Did I mention those bastards have TWO Apple TVs?

Wired: Wired's newly designed Gadgetlab, a outlying fort in the Wired Universe that I used to command, is looking goood these days. Robby B. kicks off a nicely hedged list that still manages to have the personality of a polarized rant in his short, bitter, and sweet piece entitled, "5 Reasons Why Apple TV Rules, 5 Reasons Why it Sucks".


What's left to read after you make the plunge? A lot of hacks. Most importantly, the ones that put Mac OS X on the Apple TV. And there's the HDD upgrade, easy as pie.
The geeks have only begun to unlock this baby. So, follow the rest of our eternally ongoing Apple TV coverage right here.

Now, excuse me while I swallow my spit up.

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