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Hey there. Just a reminder for you PS3 owners: Now that you're home from work, go download the update version 1.6 that'll let you do many things, including save the world by running Folding @ Home. You know, it's that distributed computing project we showed you live screenshots and videos of last Thursday. I started running it today, and man, that shit makes the PS3 cook. What's cool is that you're gussying up your electricity bill in order to save mankind. That is, while you're not saving mankind in Resistance.

I'd done a little math, maybe faulty, maybe not, on how powerful the PS3 is compared is to the average PC on Folding @ Home. We'll have to see how long the first work units take to process, and check the stats later. Right now, PS3 says it's going to take about 8 hours to get done.

It would be neat if PS3 found the cure for Alzheimer's. Even the vicious anti-Sony bloggers can't spin that one wrong.

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