You've already heard about the free tellies and taxis over in London, well this is how the PS3 was welcomed in France - with a gallic shrug. Just 60 per cent of its 100,000 available units have been reserved, a smattering of press attended the official launch - and a pleasure boat coated with Xbox logos parked itself next to the Eiffel Tower for that all-important photo-op before chugging up and down the Seine. Yes, it was Microsoft who pulled out all the stops and got first dibs on what little press attention there was.

At midnight Spain, a major Sony stronghold, they were giving away half-price consoles but this morning retailers were reporting that the 600€ PS3s were not exactly flying off the shelves. An informal poll in El Corte Ingles, Spain's biggest retail chain, showed that there were still enough consoles to last until at least next week. Video of le bâteau in Paris and more European indifference/desperation after the jump.

The night before the Mayor of Madrid (he's the one looking at the la-las of the lady on his left in the picture below) was up way past his bedtime to present a cute tweenager with her first console courtesy of Banesto bank. They were selling PS3 at half the price to tout for new business (to get that offer you had to tell your employer to transfer your salary to your Banesto bank account for a minimum of 25 months). T-shirts with "My mom had her paycheck paid into Banesto and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" "I've got Playstation 3" emblazoned on the front and baseball caps were also doled out.

In Berlin, german gamers were treated to a free gig, courtesy of those nice people at Sony (thankfully, no David Hasselhoff). Italy got its consoles two days before everyone else, after retailers Darty announced that their PS3s were going on sale on Wednesday morning. Ooh, those Italians can't half be rebellious when they want to.

PS3 Launch Leave Parisians Cold [Next Generation]