Nordic skiers will love this 26-foot boat powered by the same motions used in cross-country skiing. The craft's hull is sharply shaped, similar to a rowing skull, letting it efficiently cut through the water. Its designers say it can zip along at 6.5 knots (that's 7.5 mph for you landlubbers).

It's big enough to carry a passenger up front, and the back is low enough so you can easily climb aboard from the water. Check out the gallery to see how its Nordic walking mechanism moves a flipper underneath the boat, giving you all-over exercise while moving along at a steady clip.


So far it's a design concept, but this walking on water looks like fun, even for us heathens. Maybe biking on water would be even better—we'd like to see one with a bicycle pedaling mechanism, too.

Designer's Page [Tu_Fin, via Yanko Design and Treehugger]