Jeremy "Kap-in-yo-ass" Kaplan at Gearlog took the Gyration Vista Media Center remote out for a spin, and he loves it. See, it's the only Microsoft-approved Media Center remote that has a Gyration motion-style mouse built in. So when you're sitting on your couch you can both click and wave to move the cursor around on your Vista HTPC.

So what's great about this? Well, the mouse functionality actually works really well. No more scrolling with the arrow keys on the remote, which makes navigation that much faster. There are also learning features, which means you can use this to control various other home theater components as well. The only downsides are that the remote is really long and without a backlight, Jeremy can't find stuff in the dark. Really spoils the mood when he's putting the moves on someone and he's gotta reach for the light.

Product Page [Gyration via Gearlog]