Most of the time if you read the words "laptop tablet", you'd figure that the laptop was a tablet PC. But most of the time you wouldn't be accounting for highly dependable Korean to English translation. The $130 Laptop Tablet by NAVIsis is actually an add-on for any laptop, converting your once gargantuan Dell XPS to a gargantuan Dell XPS tablet.

The unit attaches to the side of your laptop LCD (or any LCD, we think) and plugs into a USB port. Presto chango. You are cool (unless you attached this to your preexisting tablet, in which case you are double cool).


The only drawback, no pun intended, seems to be that most screens could not take the wear and tear of constant stylus/greasy finger pressure. But since becoming addicted to my DS Lite, the ease of touching icons would quickly replace the occasional awkwardness of my trackpad.

Now your laptop can be a tablet PC! [via scifitech]