As expected, Pantech has finally decided to treat our Korean phone envy with five new models that will appear at CTIA 2007. All of them are nice-o but with their usual lame names: the C3b, C510, C600, C170 and the C150 pictured here, a nice candybar that comes with MP3 downloading, VGA camera, and Bluetooth stereo headphone support, which I have decided to rename the Pantswinger.

They will also show some of their latest releases just to keep us drooling, but until Jason gets them in his pants when he arrives in Orlando, we only have a few pix of these C-models and a few other naughty bits. They're right after the jump.

The Pantech C510 (from now on, the Greenrrrzr), approved last month by the FCC, has a 1.3 megapixel camera, external music player controls, slot for memory cards, Bluetooth support for stereo headphones and, ignoring Kermit's advice, a green brushed metal case.


The C600 (the Smlehphone) is a 850/1900 UMTS, quad-band GSM/EDGE phone, which comes with Bluetooth stereo headphones support and a Flash-based user interface. Apparently, it also comes with a time machine that the designers traveled in to steal a design from 1996.

The Pantech C710 (the Soundawhoompa) will also have the same features: 3G, a Flash UI, and a 1.3 megapixel camera, adding two «deluxe» speakers (which will either come with bacon and cheese or sound better than the normal speakers), a video sharing client and push-to-talk abilities, so you can pretend you are a secret agent using walkie-talkies. Hopefully, it will look better than this C600.


This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The Pantech C3b (the Tinynippleclamper), which they say is the smallest camera flip phone in the world, will be just like the current C3 but with added Bluetooth.

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