What's the key to never losing your keys? One way is to always keep them in the same place, preferably somewhere near your door. This polished aluminum storage design concept by Lee Stanlier makes that easy, and not only includes plastic hooks for keys but a ledge for your cellphone, parking spaces for coats and hats, and slots for letters, too.

Now if Stanlier would just incorporate that way-cool Wild Charge wireless cellphone-charging technology we saw at CES on this cellphone ledge, this would be the complete forgetful person's crutch, the perfect charging station and dropoff spot for things you use when you venture into the outside world.


On a personal note, here's how we solved the forgetfulness problem (updated, with a picture!):

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.


We mounted an electrical outlet for cellphone charging and installed a 4-inch deep/2-foot wide ledge (pictured above) at eye level right next to our portal to the outside. It's a perfect place to park cellphones and MP3 players, and no one in the household has lost or forgotten wallets or keys since. A system like Lee Stanlier's design concept would be even more versatile.

Front Door Storage [Yanko Design]