Jason and I just touched down in Orlando, Florida, ready to cover the Disneyland of cellphone tradeshows, CTIA. It's warm, sunny, but also muggy and buggy. I think I ate a ladybug on cab ride over to the convention center. Protein.

We don't know what news'll hit tomorrow, when the show starts, but If the signage is any indication, the show looks to be interesting. What's this? A banner with a Verizon-branded Samsung u740 QWERTY clamshell? Nice.


So, whatever news comes up this week, we'll be on top of it for you. Write us requests for what you'd like to see. We'll get through the news and requests as fast as we can. (And maybe if we write our posts fast enough, we might have enough time visit the other Magic Kingdom. )

CTIA 2007 [Gizmodo]