Verizon FiOS is getting an upgrade, and in typical FiOS fashion it will be rolled out s-l-o-w-l-y. The lucky users in Lewisville, Texas (seriously?) will be the first to upgrad to a 2.4Gbps download connection split between 32-64 people.

How many times have you been waiting for your new gadget to ship only to have a delivery issue? UPS just introduced a new Delivery Intercept feature. It will allow you to do things like change the shipping address or have them hold it at the shipping depot for pickup.

9 months. That's how long it took Blu-ray to grab its first 100,000 seller, Casino Royale. Not only that, but it hit this milestone faster then DVD, which took 11 months to hit that goal.

Microsoft has admitted that they are to blame for the compromised Xbox Live accounts. Their support staff was subject to pretexting. Way to go originaly blaming us dumb users, when it was actually your own staff.