Vertu, that overpriced cellphone company so beloved of celebrities and the uber-rich, has announced details of its latest mobile. The Vertu Ferrari 1947 (of which just 1,947 have been crafted—NOT made, you understand) has a scaled-down replica of the Ferrari gas brake pedal in aluminium (high-grade, natch) on the back, a prancing donkey horse on the front and a black and red leather trim.

Ah, let's talk about the leather, shall we? Apparently it's been tested against lipstick and petrol, so it will survive that nasty encounter you've been dreaming about with Janice, your local gas station attendant. The Vertu Ferrari 1947 is out in July, and the spoilsports are not telling us the price - because they're probaby too embarrassed. If you want to do a bit of window licking, check the gallery below.

Update: Our writer's transmission has broken. Yes, it's a brake pedal, as some of you pointed out. But a brake pedal? Come on, a kajillion dollars phone for the leaders of the world that has a brake instead of a gas pedal? Aw smleh!