HANNSpree, maker of TV sets in the shape of baseballs, French fry containers and worse, is now shipping its line of HDTVs that actually look normal. This 32-inch HANNSvibewhite widescreen LCD, first teased late last year, gives you 720p goodness at a price that's not entirely unreasonable: $1,150.

Those two speakers can either cling to the bottom or be removed, so you can lift and separate them just like a Playtex living bra. Hmm, a bra-shaped TV—are you reading this, HANNSpree?

Maybe that $1,150 price tag is a rip, though. Hey, if you want a great deal on a HANNSpree set, you'll like this one better, a 32-incher without the fancy speakers for $500.

HANNSpree 32-inch LCD HDTV With Removable Speakers [Born Rich]