One more piece of gear I drooled over at CTIA is Sony Ericsson's HCB-120. The name seems to indicate droid-ness, but it's actually a Bluetooth speakerphone designed to sit on a desk or clip onto a sunvisor. There's a sensor that detects its orientation and sets the callerID text right side up, depending if you're at your desk or driving.

Complaints below:

The volume dial could be bigger, and as prominent as the nice dial and hang up buttons, and I wish the device charged by USB, not the proprietary plug that all Sony Ericsson devices have. And, it has a monster 24 hours of talk, and 300 hour standby (rated).


The design is mighty fine, and unlike lots of setups, there isn't any installation that'll butcher up your car's interior for later regret (*carphones*).

It's nice, but I'm betting we can find cheapo low end models that do the same. More when I find em.