A funny thing happened to me the other day walking by the UT Starcom booth this CTIA—I noticed they had the unreleased, unannounced, secret Sidekick ID plastered across their booth, four-feet wide. UT Starcom, manufacturer of phones for companies like Danger and their Sidekick/Hiptop had covered it up a day later with a can of black Krylon (coincidentally, the same technology we'll be using to upgrade my white XBox 360 to Elite status). But not before I got two side-by-side shots, with help from Vincent at Slashgear.com. The little Sidekick 3, or Sidekick 2.5, as Vince at Crunchgear dubbed it when they showed us picture number one, is rumored to be without the Bluetooth, MP3 Player, camera or microSD slot. What's left the same, judging from the sad cover-up attempt above, is the screen and keyboard.

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Sidekick ID [Gizmodo]